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The Year 2017 has flown by! –

Summer Camp

For 2017 the farm partnered with 4-H camp Middlesex in Ashby to offer an introductory riding program. Riders learned the basics in safety and horsemanship. It was a huge success, and the farm plans on offering this program for future years!
Contry Hill Farm offered 7 weeks of full day summer camp fun! All sessions varied from working with beginners, trail riding, gymkhana, dressage, cross country jumping and adults. Every rider left improving their knowledge and skills both in and out of the saddle. It was sad to see the summer end, but we are looking forward to camp in 2018!


This year the farm offered a ride review clinic with ‘R’ judge Janice Conlon. It was very popular and filled up fast! Riders gained great knowledge from Janice and attributed much of their success for 2017 to her wonderful critique and tips. We hope to book her again for 2018 – stay tuned and check the calendar for updates!

Horse Shows

Pony Club Georgia Brook obtained her D2 this spring and Haze! Greene obtained her C1 this fall, she exceeded the standard! Strong work!

Competitive Trail Riding Karen Contryman placed first in the Kedron Valley Stables Competitive Trail ride. Karen hopes to condition to do another 100 mile ride next year!

Ashby’s 250th Celebration of the Horse On July 1st six riders from the farm participated in a jumping drill team demonstration at the Ashby stock farm. The riders show was featured on television. In addition to performing, the riders from the farm offered $1 pony rides to raise money towards the D4K show they attend in August.  

4-H Shows Throughout the year, many riders from Contry Hill participated in shows at the 4-H fairgrounds in Westford, MA. Riders included: Caroine Weeks, Lyla Himmer, Maddy Young, Anna Young, Bekah and Tanya Campus-Hartman, Evelyn and Addison Jones, Georgia Brooks, Sonya Trapp, Hazel Greene, Lucy Hill and Holly Rux.  
Anna and Maddy Young both participated in the Hilsborough 4-H fair in August on Star. Both placed well.  

D4K Nine riders from Contry Hill Farm traveled to Saugerties NY to compete in the Lendon Gray Dressage for Kids festival. Laura Santer rode Phoenix, Abby Delory rode Louie, Hannah Riseman and Annika Ormsby rode Dallas, Rachel Brown rode Chispa, Lucy Hill ride Peanuts, Hazel Greene rode Miracle, Victoria Hall rode China, and Annie Wohlgemuth rode her horse Shillo.
Unlike a typical dressage show, LYDF is only open for riders under age 21, and consists of three phases, a written test, a dressage test and an equitation class. Riders can also form teams to compete for a high combined score 
The D4K show attracts many talented young dressage riders from New England, with around 220 entries this year, the competition is very hard. The nine riders from Contry Hill competed on school horses from the farm and their accomplishments over that weekend included:
Annika Ormsby 11 from Groton, MA – Overall champion in the walk trot under 11 division
Lucy Hill 11 from Groton, MA – Overall Reserve Champion in the Walk Trot Canter under 11 division
Hazel Greene 14 from Groton MA – Sixth place overall in the Walk Trot Canter ages 14-16
Annie Wolgemuth 20 from Temple, NH – Overall champion in the training level division ages 18-21. Winner of the Shavano's Pride Trophy for being the highest scoring paint horse.
Laura Santer 21 from Hollis, NH. Overall champion in the first level division ages 18-21. Winner of the Finally Phantom Trophy for being the highest scoring thoroughbred. Overall reserve champion for the ENTIRE show – there were around 220 entries for the day.
Rachael Brown 15 from Hollis, NH. - Her team finished third overall.
Hannah Riseman from Hollis, NH - Scored first on her written test. Placed fourth overall in Walk Trot Canter ages 14-16.
Victoria Hall from Lunenburg, MA – Finished seventh overall in the walk trot canter division for ages 14-16.
Abby Delorey 15 from Lunenburg, MA – Overall champion in the training level division ages 14-16.
The girls’ accomplishments included winning best decorated tack stall! The funds raised at the celebration of the horse went towards this!
Riders formed two teams and placed outstandingly well as there were over 50 teams competing! – One team took third and the other took reserve champion overall!
The nine farm riders got the chance to meet 92’ Olympic bronze medalist Carol Lavell. Carol sponsored and supports the show. They also got the chance to meet Lendon Gray - born in Old Town Maine - participated on two Olympic teams (1980, 1988), the World Championships, and the World Cup. They both took the time to encourage and educate our riders.
"Generous, outspoken, and pragmatic, Lendon has devoted her energies to the improvement of all riders (not just the privileged ones) and all horses (even the littlest ones).  With the goal that all youths might learn how to become, not just better riders, but all-around horsemen, Lendon established Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival (formerly known as the Northeast Junior/Young Rider Championships) in 1999. This show started as an effort to see today’s youth awarded for more than riding trained horses.
Dressage4Kids, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated for the express purpose of providing educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them. Their mission is to encourage riders under 21 to become true horsemen; to offer scholarships; to develop good sportsmanship; to support programs for adults who in turn educate youth; and to have fun." (Dressage4Kids website) 
The riders put a lot of hard work into preparing themselves and their horses for this show. The Contry Hill riders want to thank Lendon Gray, all the wonderful volunteers, our supportive parents and our amazing coach Emily Summer for making this show, and all the fun, possible.

End of the Summer Horse Shows Contry Hill hosted a fun hunter seat horse show, a Halloween gymkhana and a schooling dressage and 2-phase, all were a great success. Thank you to everyone that helped and participated.

Upcoming Events
The farm will be hosting a February camp, weather dependent, for kids in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. On February 25th the farm will be offering their versatility challenge again. Our 2018 summer dates are posted, along with our fall farm horse show dates – mark your calendars!

Around the Farm
This fall the farm lost China owned by Lisa Murphy. China was a special horse at the farm, she taught many riders how to ride. She was loved and will be missed by many. Thank you Lisa for entrusting her in our care for many years and sharing her with so many riders at the farm.
The farm purchased a new horse for Derek! Hi name is Donato, he is a handsome 16.2 hand Percheron Andalusian cross. He is trained to drive, so you will see Derek driving again! We plan to bring him out for pleasure drives and hopefully competitive drives! Donato is being trained under saddle; he has a wonderful temperament and friendly personality.

Derek has been busy maintaining the facility. You'll notice new LED lighting in our jumping arena! We look forward to seeing more upgrades for 2018!

- Friends at Contry Hill Farm

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